Weather Conditions

We aim to please our customers at every step of the jobs process. This is however sometimes not possible due to Mother Nature’s personal agenda. We can NOT control the weather nor can we control the weathermen that often predict one scenario and we get the complete opposite.

This has become a “source of tension” for some of our customers in the past and we certainly do not wish to have “Hard Feelings” because of something that is beyond our control. For example: The weather person predicts “On and Off Shower all Day” and it never rains so the customer is angry that we did not work that day.

We are NOT afraid to work in the rain but we are afraid to have something go wrong on your project because we “gambled” on the weather. Also, keep in mind that we do NOT profit from the job until the jobs completion.

If you, the customer , wishes to assume the responsibility of us working on a potential rain day, we will certainly do so providing there is no lightening or other unsafe possibilities. What this means is that if it does in fact rain at any time during the process, you, the customer will do the following:

  1. Pay for that day’s wages
  2. Pay for any and all remedies to the product caused from the rain
  3. Pay for the Rework of the area affected by the rain and subsequently the labor and material cost to remedy.
  4. This is potentially three days worth of work for each worked rain day. We bill at a contracted rate of $85.00 per man hour.
  5. A”Change Order” will be filled out and signed PRIOR to any work starting stating that you agree to accept the risk of these working conditions and are willing to absorb the costs associated with the risk. This ℅ will have a cap charge of $1.800.00 per day worked and halted by rain plus material costs.
  6. If the option to”Risk” working with a rainy forecast is taken and a ℅ option NOT given, we are assuming the risk at no cust to you. Also, “Verbal Authorization” by the owner is binding.

We have tried to “challenge” Mother Nature in the past and it has proven to be costly investment by us. The bottom line is this, we want to have a happy and satisfied customer but we also wnat to remain profitable and not risk everything because of rain.

We apologize for these uncontrollable inconveniences and the subsequent setbacks cause by them. Just please keep in mind that we are providing this information for your benefit.


Al McFadyen

Managing Member