Resurfacing Stamped Concrete

What does “Re-Surfacing” existing concrete mean? It means may different things, let me give you some examples:

Does your stamped concrete look faded, dull and looks like it lost its life? Well, if this is the case, we can bring it back to life with our high solid particle content solvent based sealers and our color custom color additives making your old concrete shine like new again. We have packages starting as low as $899.00 for this application. We also offer our slip resistant additives at no cost to you, just ask.

Is your existing stamped concrete chipped, spalling, cracked or perhaps a bad installation? We can help!! We will prep the surface with our tried and true methods which sometimes include heavy grinding of the existing surface. We will then install our hybrid polymers over the top of the old but newly prepared concrete giving your old concrete a brand new look with our proven overlay process. We can even change the colors 100% if you want a totally new look! While we can make your existing cracks go away with our tested crack treatment methods, we can never guarantee that the cracks will not show up again as Mother Nature will always win the battle with the freeze/thaw cycles we encounter.