Crack & Joint Repair

Concrete Joints, Cracks and Blow-Outs

In the past, concrete floors were simply utilitarian, industrial work surfaces. Concrete repairs needed to be functional but not necessarily aesthetically pleasing. Although, times have changed!

With polished concrete and other coatings being used daily, today’s concrete surfaces are show pieces. Both property owners and customers have higher expectations of the ground they are walking on. High gloss finishes, stained concrete and decorative designs demand a much higher degree of expertise when performing joint and crack repairs. Not only must repairs be structurally sound, they must also blend in with surrounding polished concrete floors.

We have the expertise to meet performance and aesthetic demands when joint and crack repairs or polished concrete floors are required.

Maintaining Commercial & Industrial Floor Joints

Control joints and formed joints create necessary interruptions in otherwise seamless concrete surfaces. If not properly installed and maintained, floor joints become impact points which will deteriorate at an accelerated rate, damage material-handling vehicles and contribute to surface splitting. Properly maintaining floor joints prolongs a floor’s service life, increases productivity, creates a safer work environment and makes cleaning easier.