Your custom interior floor will last a lifetime if properly maintained. Plastic glides, felt pads or Magic Movers should be affixed to heavy furnishings or those which will be moved frequently. Use the same precautions you would use for a hardwood floor. A door mat at the outside (hemp or rope style) and inside entrance mats should be able to breathe and be cleaned regularly to help minimize damage to your new floor.

Dust Mopping: Dust mopping removes the fine dust and grit which can grind away a floors finish. This will help prevent major floor finish deterioration caused by normal traffic. The best results are obtained by using a micro-fiber dust mop. You can always up-grade the floors surface with commercial grade hardeners. Talk to your sales rep for information on this. The following procedures should be followed:

1. Dust mop the floor in one continuous movement without lifting the mop off the floor. Overlap your stroke on each pass.

2. Clean the dust mop after each use by shaking it clean out doors or vacuuming it.

3. NEVER use a “SWIFFER Wet Jet” type of cleaning tool. The liquid in these devices contain trace amounts of Solvent material. This will NOT hurt the sealer but could cause the wax to eggshell. Also, do not use ammonia, bleach or pine sol.

Damp mopping- use cool water: 1. Damp mopping with cool water and a neutral ph cleaner extends the floors finish life. This will not dull the finish but will prolong the gloss retention.

2. Follow the recommended dilution rates on label directions.

3. The mop should be wrung out tightly so that it is just damp.

Waxing: Wax is a sacrificial coating to protect the floor and bear the brunt of the scuffing and scratches. We will gladly do the initial wax for you. We charge $.95 p.s.f. ($495.00 min.) and this includes the first two coats installed with a burnisher and a third hand applied top coat. We will show you how to do this if you wish or we can also schedule regular maintenance for you if you desire. We always use a 20% solid wax or better in our process and recommend the same. Do NOT use Mop n Glo or similar wax products. Depending on the setting of the floor, commercial or residential, will dictate how often this should be done. Also, be sure to read the instructions on the product you use to strip the wax or consult us for this service. Applicable fees will apply.

NOTE: It is plausible for the wax to actually minimally dull the floor temporarily. This is NOT uncommon and should be understood.

Care and Maintenance Guide:

1. How often you need to re-wax depends on the abuse you have on your floor. It does vary and could be every 1-12 months depending on your environment.

2. Use a looped-end rayon mop – synthetics release material cotton absorbs or a lamb wool applicator.

3. Pour a dinner plate sized puddle on the floor and spread thin and evenly. After spreading, let it dry for about one hour and repeat. After the final application, you will be ready for foot traffic after about one hour.