Your exterior surface was sealed with multiple coats of a high gloss, UV – Inhibiting, penetrating solvent based sealer. This sealer will repel dirt, dust and other substances that can get a foot hold on concrete surfaces and promote the growth of mold and mildew. The basic care is shown below:

1. If you notice a powdery white or splotchy appearance, especially after a rain, the sealer is doing its job. This is the dust/dirt mentioned above. A rinse with a garden hose followed by drying with a leaf blower will fix this.

2. Pressure washing is generally NOT needed. A rinse and blow dry will remove most debris off the surface. If you do use a pressure washer, please use with caution and NEVER higher than 2800 p.s.i unless you are familiar with the use of a pressure washer. It IS possible to ruin ANY surface with a pressure washer being mis-used and this is NOT covered by any warranty.

3. If there was a spill or something you don’t clean right away, use mild dish soap and warm water to loosen the material then rinse and dry and it should be as good as new.

4. Plastic glides or Magic Movers should be affixed to heavy furnishings or items that will move frequently. It is NOT uncommon to scratch any surface that has a hard surface grinding over it and this is NOT covered by any warranty but is easily fixed.

5. Potted plants should have a dish placed under them to catch their excess water; this is especially true if you use fertilizers on the plants. Staining could occur and is NOT covered under any warranty.

6. The surface MUST be re-sealed from time to time. We recommend every two to four years optimizing the life of your area. If it is a driveway, we recommend every two years because of our climates and de-icing chemicals. When the sealer is worn off, the area is subject to U V damages among others. To keep your warranty in effect, you MUST maintain your area. Professional work by us or homeowners using our materials with a complete maintenance record as well.

If you EVER have any questions regarding the maintenance of your concrete, please call us first. If you “experiment” on your concrete, we will NOT be responsible for the results and this will NOT be covered by any warranty.