Epoxy Coatings

Decorative Metallics

Epoxy flooring is above & beyond traditional concrete staining. The luster and depth of a three-dimensional color produced with this popular process will amaze everyone that enters your business or home. A satin urethane can be added to simulate a natural marble finish.

Becoming one of the hottest interior coatings on the market, our Metallic Marble design achieves a high-end, sophisticated look. In our process, we combine metallic pigments with epoxy to give your floor a rich 3-dimensional effect that regular staining can not accomplish.

We have a vast amount of color options and have the ability to make this coating seamless without grout lines on your floor. Our industrial grade epoxy is a great solution against high traffic areas. This coating is very easy to clean, has superior scratch resistance, and slip resistance options available.

Epoxy flooring is perfect for basements and other moisture dampened areas. An excellent solution for retail spaces, auto dealerships, shopping malls, medical offices, sports areas, restaurants and more! Metallic marble is something you should seriously consider for your home or business!

Garage Floors

Homeowners and auto enthusiasts know that a properly sealed garage floor adds to a home’s value, showcases the garage, and provides easy clean up of an otherwise unsightly space.

Not all concrete is the same. variations in concrete curing standards across the state, concrete porosity and moisture transmission may vary considerably. One coating system does not suit all installations. Proper coating system selection is governed by written standard operating procedures, ensuring that the best possible coating system is selected and installed for your unique flooring challenge.

What makes a professionally installed garage floor coating system a great option for your garage? Besides the obvious aesthetics, our garage floors provide a multitude of added benefits. Our coatings are extremely durable and resist impacts, chipping, and scratching. They are used to conceal minor and major concrete imperfections such as surface cracks and flaws and provide anti-dust properties (i.e., most of the dust in a garage originates from the cement floor itself). This dust circulates within the garage collecting on cars, tool benches and storage items, and is ultimately tracked into the house. Lastly, our industrial coatings will brighten up your garage without having to add additional lights. Media (e.g., mica) may be added to the coatings to amplify light; your garage will literally sparkle.

Every coating system we offer provides extreme chemical and stain resistance, which means oil, brake fluid, anti-freeze, battery acid, road salt, grime and other chemicals can be easily wiped up. The systems are moisture resistant and extremely easy to clean; just a little soap and water is all you need. No stains or pains parking during the winter To reduce the possibility of slipping, anti-skid may also be added to the top clear coat.

When Toughness is a Requirement

Where heavy traffic or extreme demands are expected, your epoxy flooring requires trowel grade application. This is the best technique available for maximum durability, providing a surface with 4-8 times the thickness of our typical residential or commercial process. Floors that experience great weight, such as from heavy-duty forklifts, should be covered with trowel grade coatings. Trowel grade is also recommended where contact is expected with corrosive or caustic chemicals.

Trowel grade requires significant skill and experience to lay down correctly. D.C.S. has the crews and equipment needed to meet the needs of any commercial or industrial site. For more information about the application of trowel grade concrete coatings, call or email us today.