Did you know that we have been in the concrete overlay business longer than ANYONE in business in S.E. Wisconsin? We have seen a countless number of concrete resurfacing, epoxy and restoration companies come and go over the past 15 years, imagine how their customers feel.

Our competition has not only come and gone, but the ones that are currently here rarely showcase their OWN work on their sites or portfolio. They even have pictures with palm trees and ocean views to prove this. Does this mean that they are trying to pass off others work as theirs? Does this mean that they don’t have any work of their own to showcase? Maybe this is a part time endeavor for them, a side income or maybe they are trying to take advantage of you by tricking you into believing their pictures are original works. Any way you cut it, we view it as dishonest. We are in the concrete business and concrete business ONLY. We know of others that “dabble” in this field or moonlight as experts while they have regular jobs doing roofing, siding, chiropractic work or any other field that has NOTHING to do with concrete.

We have a deep passion for concrete restoration and it shows in our portfolio. While the “other guys” specialize in the most “basic” or “cookie cutter” way of doing business, we specialize in custom work. In fact, over 95% of our work is custom and we do NOT charge extra for this.