Our bidding process is unique to our industry and is also the same for every job we do. If you have a 5,000 square foot project or a 50 square foot project, you will receive the exact same bidding process as the other. We found that people are “programmed” to shop for concrete (decorative and otherwise) based on a “square footage” price and we do NOT see that as being fair to the small project owner or the large project owner.

For example, if you have a stoop and it 80 s.f. and we bid it at $5.00 per s.f. that would be $400.00 and if you had a 3,000 s.f. driveway and we bid it at the same $5.00 per s.f. that would be $15,000.00. For both scenarios we have to bring out the same tools and typically the same man power to do both jobs equally and properly. The stoop in this scenario was definitely undercharged and the driveway owner was over charged.

What we do that is different from any other company. We bid each job based on labor, material, overhead costs and finally, profit. YES, we DO profit on each job we do, that’s how we stayed in business for so long. We figure our “hard costs” and then our “profit” needed on each job. The profit is based on what we need to make on a daily/weekly basis to keep our doors open so we bid our hard cost plus daily needed profit = what your job will ultimately cost. We thusly make the exact same amount on a small project as we do on a large project. After all, our bills and labor and material costs do NOT change based on the size of a job so why should the profit? This is the most fair and rational way to approach ALL of our projects.

We are a business based on VALUE vs. COST. If you are looking for the bragging rights to getting the “CHEAPEST” deal in town, we are NOT the company for you. If you want the most “VALUE” for your dollar from a company with over ten years of experience and certifications from the TOP four overlay vendors in the nation as well as a portfolio and customer satisfaction list that is second to none, then we ARE the company for you. We are all about quality and NOT quantity. What are YOU about?